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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Struggle!

So today was hard for a variety of reasons.
One of my "lovely little handfuls" went 0 to 100 real quick. I felt bombarded with tasks separate from teaching. AND THEN they voted Devos in....

& then I packed my bags

Okay so not really, but it crossed my mind. Like, legit crossed my mind.

I was distraught that someone who seems so underqualified could be put in such a crucial position. I was disappointed that our record breaking amount of calls and emails did not achieve our desired result.

We united! We spoke up! And you muted us for money! (I assume, I can be totally wrong)

So now what? Sulk and cry? Maybe for a minute. But afterwards we must do what we always do.

Despite the pay
Despite the stress
Despite the critiques & criticism
Despite the new secretary....

We will continue to teach. We must. The future depends on it. And even when others ignore it, we will focus on what is best for our kids.

So wake up tomorrow and TEACH!


  1. Don't you ever pack your bags! You inspire your students to be better little people and more than that you inspire me to be a better teacher! You are truely an amazing teacher, and someone I learn from constantly.