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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New year - New possibilities

The new year is quickly approaching! And for most teachers this means your year is about halfway through. Time flies when you're making a difference :)

The cool thing about the new year is that it provides a sense of renewal and new opportunities. This is a perfect time to....

Introduce a new rule or classroom procedure

Often teachers feel that if a procedure or classroom rule isn't succeeding there isn't much that can be done. So not true! Teachers have a lot of power in their classrooms and one of the greatest powers is the power to CHANGE!
-If they just can't remember to clean their desks, institute a "Desk Monitor" for the new year.
-If they always argue about how to line up, have them line up in number order or reverse number order to switch it up.

Reflect on what has been accomplished so far

The new year usually brings a focus to new goals and resolutions but there is value in reflecting on what has already been accomplished. This is important with adults as well as children! This means that reflecting on your teaching career and goals can be beneficial to you as well, super teacher!
But also take a moment and write about what you and your students have accomplished so far. This could be individually done or completed as a class.

Focus on goal setting

There are many resources and activities on Pinterest, TPT, etc. that provide some structure to goal setting, especially tying in the New Year theme. I personally wanted to start the year in August with student goals but the back to school commotion totally distracted me. But of course I don't have to wait until next August to give it a try. So when I head back to the classroom in about a week these are a few tips I want to keep in mind.

Goal setting tips:
-Goals should be centered on student input (otherwise they won't be motivated)
-Display them or have them easily accessible (otherwise they may be forgotten)
-Track progress, not just completion (otherwise students may get discouraged)

But before you head back....relax!

So now that you have some ideas to get the new year started on the right track....head back to the couch and soak up the last few days of relaxation. Do some reflecting and goal setting for yourself. It is a time of renewal after all...make sure you're giving yourself that opportunity as well!

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  1. Great post Erika. My favorite suggestions you mention are goal setting and introducing a new procedure. Thanks for sharing.