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Friday, August 12, 2016

5 for Friday: Back to School!

Hey yall! Linking up for

So let's get rolling!

I'm married!!!!
And it was the best day ever!!!!
We don't have all our pictures yet but here's a sneak peek

We honeymooned in Mexico! Neither of us had been out of the country so that was quite a fun adventure to have together. Can't wait to travel more with the Mr.

Registration Day really feels like the start off to the year because we get to meet some of our kiddos. Each grade usually does a little theme and this year, as usual, my team rocked it. And those are our school colors :)

The classroom is put back together and this year it was record time since I spent the past few weeks recuperating from an awesome wedding and honeymoon!

Panoramic pic of classroom



Writing Area



Reflection Area
(Trying it out this year)

Not much else to say except I survived the first week and today is Pizza Friday in our house so I'm greatly looking forward to that. :)
Link up! & Have a great weekend!

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