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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Scoop and a little Read Across America

A Few snapshots of last week #ReadAcrossAmerica

We had great readers including the Mayor! And some green eggs and ham :)

Our awesome hall and door decorations!

I'm such a Sunday Scoop type of blogger!
 I really appreciate this linky because it seems like Sunday is the only time I can finally sit down long enough to breathe and possibly blog. I always want to do Friday posts or post right after a really good lesson but I get home, grade, do Grad hw or wedding plan, eat, stare at my fiance for a few then doze off lol

So anyways here's my scoop!

3 Things I have to do:

I need to email our florist with some updates to our latest plan. I am really enjoying planning a wedding but it is so many little decisions! Sometimes I just want to flip a coin! All I know is I want to show up in my pretty dress and leave as his Mrs. 

All the small details are cool but secondary. That's especially true when your 1st graders are crazy or you have Saturday grad classes within 2 weeks of each other!

I also need to start report cards but umm.. yeah that won't be happening this evening. Maybe tomorrow..

I've really got to finish uploading artifacts into my portfolio online for grad school. Graduation is around the corner and now that I've passed my SLLA (thank God!!) I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's due at the end of the month and I know I will finish it but it's so many little steps!

2 Things I hope to do:

I hope to pick a flower girl dress soon! I've seen some really cute ones on Etsy surprisingly! I can't wait to see my little cousin all dressed up :)

I desperately need to get to yoga this week. I haven't been in about 2 weeks and I'm really starting to feel it. I'm getting stiff! 

1 Thing I'm happy to do:

I've been trying to find some hair style ideas for the big day! I know I will be wearing it naturally curly but I don't know how I will pin/pull it up to wear my veil...but Pintrest is helping with that! I think I'll get back to that

Curly Commentary: My Natural Hair Wedding Diary:                 curly updo with braids for black women:

So that's whats going on with me. You should link up as well!

P.S.  New Product in the store :)

Cute Calendars - Set 3


  1. Wow! You are one busy lady. About 6 years ago I was planning my wedding. I was a total mess. I couldn't make a decision to save my life! It seems like you have it all together, plus grad school on top of that!! You ROCK! Thanks so much for linking up with us today! Have a great week.

    Teaching Trio

  2. Congrats on the wedding and the Graduation! You are a busy woman! I love those hairstyles...beautiful! Enjoy your week.