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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Scoop!

It' feels like it has been FOREVER since I've blogged but man grad school + teaching + wedding planning + holidays = crazy tired teacher! I've been thinking about my blog if that counts for anything hah! So let's catch up with the Sunday Scoop


I am a tad bit unmotivated to do my lesson plans this week. In all reality I want to slap gingerbread stickers on everything and call it done. I know the week will be a test in patience with wacky schedules, holiday performances, gift giving, etc. I would much rather fill the in between time with coloring sheets and movies but life must go on!
We do Secret Santa in our school every year. A highlight to this crazy upcoming week is receiving a sweet little gift every morning.
 The last is self explanatory. I need to finish shopping so things can be shipped and make it in time for the holidays! 


Wedding planning has been fun! We've had our engagement dinner and I found my dress!! Now our next big hurdles are hiring vendors and for me, picking bridesmaid dresses!

(Engagement Dinner)
In the past I've had a cute craft ready to go for this upcoming week. This year I guess I've been lollygagging! I need to check out a few blogs and see what these great minds are coming up with!


I have spent wayyyyyy more time on Pintrest looking up any and all things wedding related. Dresses, cakes, shoes, honeymoon ideas..
I must say this is truly an awesome time, sitting around looking at my fiance and this lovely ring :)
I'm really enjoying it! 

So what do you all have coming up? Link up and share! 
And have a fun week! 


  1. Busy - doesn't begin to describe your time right now! Have fun with your Pinterest searching!
    iTeach 2nd