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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Easy teacher colleague gifts!

I honestly can't believe I whipped these tags up after today and the crazy week we've been having. I'm sure you understand with various holiday programs, kids hyped up about the holidays, etc. And every year my school gets blessed with gifts for every student thanks to Silverdale (a church and school). It's amazing but definitely a busy day. Tomorrow is a half day and our grade is doing Polar Express which means PJS :) and then some team planning!

So on to what you really came for hah
I made some gift labels to go with some team teacher gifts. I saw a few online but wanted to make some foldables I could use for gift cards as well. So I created these and posted them in my TPT. Hope you can use them to spread some cheer! Click any pic to head to my store.

For a gift card to a food place

For a general gift card or a place with sweets like Dunkin Donuts

For relaxing gifts (fuzzy socks, bubble bath, etc)!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Scoop!

It' feels like it has been FOREVER since I've blogged but man grad school + teaching + wedding planning + holidays = crazy tired teacher! I've been thinking about my blog if that counts for anything hah! So let's catch up with the Sunday Scoop


I am a tad bit unmotivated to do my lesson plans this week. In all reality I want to slap gingerbread stickers on everything and call it done. I know the week will be a test in patience with wacky schedules, holiday performances, gift giving, etc. I would much rather fill the in between time with coloring sheets and movies but life must go on!
We do Secret Santa in our school every year. A highlight to this crazy upcoming week is receiving a sweet little gift every morning.
 The last is self explanatory. I need to finish shopping so things can be shipped and make it in time for the holidays! 


Wedding planning has been fun! We've had our engagement dinner and I found my dress!! Now our next big hurdles are hiring vendors and for me, picking bridesmaid dresses!

(Engagement Dinner)
In the past I've had a cute craft ready to go for this upcoming week. This year I guess I've been lollygagging! I need to check out a few blogs and see what these great minds are coming up with!


I have spent wayyyyyy more time on Pintrest looking up any and all things wedding related. Dresses, cakes, shoes, honeymoon ideas..
I must say this is truly an awesome time, sitting around looking at my fiance and this lovely ring :)
I'm really enjoying it! 

So what do you all have coming up? Link up and share! 
And have a fun week!