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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Made it! lol & a Freebie :)

Hey guys. I have a Tuesday Made it for ya lol I started it yesterday but needed some extra materials so I had to finish it today. Either way I'm sharing it with you and a little freebie at the end if you'd like :)

So my task was to update this guy here..

As you can see one of my yellow labels went missing and I had to improvise. Also my pan was starting to look dingy after 2 years and  I just felt like it could use some improvements.

So I bought a new pan, slightly smaller maybe 9 x 13, and remade some labels with larger print and borders. I actually just recycled that ribbon because it was cuter than any I currently had. I hot glued the ribbon on and placed magnets on the back of the labels to attach. On the back of the cookie sheet I used 3 command strips.

By the way "Brain Boosters" are any pull outs, it can be Special Ed, ESL, Mentors, Interventionists, etc.

(ignore the magnets that need to be remade! That's the next project!)

Looks better to me though! So if you'd like a set of these labels I attached them below as a freebie. Feel free to snag and share. 

Now back to this TPT cart... we are down to hours ladies & gents make sure you take advantage of the awesome sale!

Thanks for stopping by!

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