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Monday, July 13, 2015

My top 5 "take aways” from ITeach1st

Yes I've already blogged about my awesome time in Vegas but I didn't really get into the nitty gritty info about my favorite sessions and strategies. This was partially because I didn't want to share information from sessions without permission (I don't know the specific rules on that!). However I still think I can share a little more without over sharing! So here goes

5. "When emotions are high, problem solving skills are low"
This statement was shared during an intervention session. Mrs.  Whyte was saying this to explain that when a child is emotionally riled up they are not going tondo their best at solving a problem. You should make an effort to discuss the behavior later when both of you have calmed down!

4. Sandwiching strategy
Mrs. Samulski shared some great information in her "At risk & Struggling students" session. One that really stuck with me was her strategy of mixing only 30% unknown material with 70% of known material. This ensures that the students aren't overwhelmed with too much new info.

3. Visualize goals and obstacles!
Rebecca Solomon had some great strategies to offer in her session "Best Ever Research Based Practices in Action". One of the things she mentioned is that although we may help students set goals we often don't help them visualize the obstacles the may encounter. Helping them to plan for obstacles may help them increase their chances of succes!

2. Its all ”research”
When working with students during science explorations refer to it as research with your students. Help them to realize the importance of their observations and how valuable it is to be able to record them clearly. Ms. Ecenbarger offered some very practical tips to increase the non fiction writing in primary grades.

1. Miss DeCarbo is amazing!
True story! Lol she's so nice and had really useful tips on her sessions. I saw her back to back! Some little changes that could make a big difference include creating a secret handshake with your class or letting them vote on a class mascot. Her blog has even more helpful information!

Well I could make a PowerPoint presentation of all the things I learned last week but hopefully this summary will suffice :)

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