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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

5 Tips for heading back into the classroom

So I know some of you have already went back to work in your classrooms already, and a few of you have already begun your new school year (omg!). I also know a few lucky teachers still have 40 something days of summer break ahead of them. 

Regardless, I've had this post on my mind for a while so I wanted to share. Here are a few tips for heading back into the classroom after summer break!  

Tip # 1: Just Don't!

Seriously. Just don't go. That's the most important tip. Lol okay, I'm kidding but the point is don't go back too soon. We ended late May and I overheard some colleagues already making plans to be back in June! Ahhck! I can't imagine. I want to enjoy at least some of my summer break feeling like an actual break. I waited until we had about a month until school before re-entering my classroom. Everyone is different, but please give yourself a break. You've earned it! :)

Tip # 2: Have a plan

I tend to sketch out a floor plan for my classroom if I can. I am in no way an artist but it helps me to think about where things are going to, especially my big furniture. It's easier to erase a bookshelf than move it over and over. 

Tip # 3: Chunk it up

A super cute postcard that came with my EC Teacher planner

Yes we know teachers are superheroes but greatness takes time! Don't try to tackle every project as soon as you get there. Realize that some things can wait, especially if you have given yourself about a month before things get started. Now some people prefer to spend a week and knock everything out. If that's you have at it. Otherwise realize sometimes its okay to hit the lights and just come back to it later. Soon you won't have that option!

Tip # 4: Get help

Mental help. Cuz you're a teacher. What were you thinking? Just kidding! Once again sometimes we need to take off the cape and ask for a helping hand. See if you can bribe a girlfriend or your significant other to come spend an hour or two. It makes it more fun and efficient.

Tip # 5: Make it your home away from home

Me and my best buddy Mickey

You will be spending a LOT of time in your classroom. Make sure you add some personal touches like photos, plug ins with your favorite scents, etc. The little things really make a difference in the long run.


  1. hello, we go back after labour day and finished at the end of June. I am going in next week to finish up a organizing task I started. I agree that you need to take your summer holidays and enjoy!

    thanks for linking up with #littlefishteacherblogger.

    Hanging Around In Primary

  2. I feel like we are the same person, hah! Found your blog on Instagram- just had to follow! I'm a little fish in a big pond too. :)

    Real Life in First Grade

    1. Thanks for following! I returned the favor :)

  3. Awesome post. I can't say I abide by tip #1, but I should!!! LOL I'm now following you and can't wait to see more!


    1. Lol it is hard! I understand. Thanks for following I followed back :)