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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Well hello new blog!

I am super excited to share my new blog design!! Eek! I'm in love! I had been procrastinating about getting a design and with the upcoming SDE conference I felt motivated.

Major shout out to

 For designing my beautiful blog
(And business cards and tpt banner!)
And putting up with my never ending questions :)

Now for those of you who are debating a blog design I thought I'd offer up my two cents! Plus the TPT seller challenge from this week encouraged us to blog about non product topics so here's a little list to consider.

1. Shop around!
There are tons of talented blog designers out there and a pretty wide price range. You should look at the features different creators offer and see which fits your needs. For example I knew I wanted business cards and the designer I chose offered those as an add on. Score!

2. Get an idea of what you like
Look at some of your favorite blogs and decide what you like about them. Some designers will even ask you to provide links to blogs that inspire you. Also think about what colors or pictures you'd like to be incorporated.

3. Be in touch
Blog designing will take a lot of correspondence between you and the designer. Make sure to check your email often to keep things moving along.

4. Remember they're people too!
Yes you're excited and the designer probably is too. But your blog is probably not the sole thing going on in their life. They may be working, trying to enjoy the summer, etc. Be courteous and considerate. 

5. Brag!
Not in a rude way or anything but if you're happy with the work they've provided why not give a shout out? Couldn't hurt right? My designer did not even mention asking me to blog about it but I wanted to let others know! Sharing is caring right? :)

Any tips you would add? Feel free to share!

Well its about time for my next aerial yoga class so I better go change. Later taters!