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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sweet summertime!

I have found another fun linky to join in on! Hooray :)

Thank you Primarily Speaking!
She's asking us to share the reasons we love summer. I could think of a list a mile long but I'll narrow it down.

I always want to blog more and have tons of ideas to share during the school year but sometimes I just feel swamped. It can be hard balancing work, grad school, and blogging so usually the latter gets dropped. In the summer I've got all the time in the world! I plan to get a little better at finding that balance this year.

I really enjoy reading when I have the time. During the year I may squeeze in a book or two. This summer I've already finished 2. Just bought number 3 today :)

Have you read it? The preview for the movie made me want to read it!

I have been doing yoga for about a year now and I'm really loving it. Today I even tried aerial yoga which included a lot of hanging upside down. It was a fun new experience. Im already thinking about going back!
Stretching in the park

I could go on all day but I think a top 3 is pretty good. What about you? Why do you love summer? Link up and share.

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  1. It is definitely hard to find balance during the school year, but summer is a great time to rethink things and accomplish new goals. You'll find what works for you. I know it! Enjoy your summertime reading and yoga! That pose is super impressive. Thank you for linking up!

    Primarily Speaking