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Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's February! Yay!!

I absolutely love this month! Valentine's Day means I get an excuse to make just about everything pink and put hearts on it (score!). My birthday is on the 17th! (turning the big 2-5!). And we always get a day off for Presidents Day. Plus this year I'll be making a trip to meet my new godson in person!!

Linking up with Farley for the oh so popular currently! How amazing is it to see so many teachers blogging and sharing :)

So of course we are currently watching the Super Bowl and eating wings and nachos! It's only right. But truly here in a second I'm gonna paint my nails and then dive back into this book. I've been reading Gone Girl and so far I loveee it.

But before that..here's a few pics from our classroom

A free sight word activity in my store. These dice are from Dollar Tree.

100 day necklaces in progress! (Found on Pintrest!)

100 dots we later turned into gumball machines. (Idea from Pintrest!)

100 days brighter!!

My lovely student teacher taught the Constitution last week.

We discussed weather tools in science. Shout out to my student teacher again on the chart. :)

K off to paint my nails and such! Have a great night yall


  1. Birthday Month is the BEST month! It sounds like you have a lot of fun plans ahead! I always wish there could be one more day in every weekend- 4-day work weeks sound PERFECT to me!

    Enjoy your birthday month! I hope it's the best on yet.

  2. LOVE these 100 days ideas! They're adorable! I've never read Gone Girl, maybe I'll add it to my list!

    The Purple Teacher

  3. Are those little lightbulbs that the kids are holding up in the 100 Days Brighter pic? Cute idea. And happy birthday! See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

    1. Yes they are! And they were from Dollar Tree. Love that place

  4. When are you coming to California? I live in the Sacramento area. Where are you from? I read Gone Girl and saw the movie. Both were good. Hard to believe someone is that crazy!!


    1. I'm coming mid February and I believe I will be near Sacramento! I'm from TN though. And I can't wait to finish reading it so I can finally watch the movie!