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Sunday, January 11, 2015

My 1st Sunday Scoop of the year :)

Happy Sunday guys!
Linking up with the Teachingtrio for the Sunday scoop :)
So here's mine
That laundry has been clean and sitting in the laundry room for at least 3 days, probably longer. It just keeps falling to the bottom of the list. We are usually really good at meal planning but have been slipping lately and it shows every time we have the "What's for dinner?" discussion haha. So I've added my meal planning freebie at the bottom if ya want. I planned out my outfits a few times last semester and it really helped in the morning so I'm gonna try to get back on that!
 I try to assess sight words at least 3 times a year and I'm halfway done with my mid-year testing. I really want to finish by Monday (since we have extended days). And I'm trying to get ahead in my grad school classes by getting at least 2 assignments done this weekend.
It's wayyy more fun to plan for the week in my colorful EC planner. I've really gotten into adding stickers and washi tape and stickers everywhere. I'm all about being organized!
Thanks for reading. Now head over to their blog so you can link up too! It's pretty easy!
And if you'd like here's a copy of the meal planning chart we use here at the house. I laminated it and you could add a magnet on the back and stick it to the fridge. Then you can use a dry -erase marker or a sharpie (erases with a magic eraser). Enjoy!


  1. Could you add: Plan meals for Lisa's Family Too on your list above? :)

    So tired of thinking about dinner...

    Have a great week back. I finished my sight word assessments last week but have two other assessments that I have to knock off this week.


  2. Thanks for the meal planners - it will fit right in with my attempt to lose a few!
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