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Monday, January 19, 2015

Checking in once again!

Can't believe I'm posting so soon! It's only because we have had today off in honor of Martin Luther King Day. I'm looking forward to reading about him and discussing his accomplishments with my firsties tomorrow. I wanted to post over the weekend but for some reason the pictures from my phone hadn't uploaded to the "cloud". Fixed that. So here's a few snapshots from the room.
We've been studying various American symbols and creating a class PowerPoint Presentation. Maybe I can post it when we finish!
Both of these are adorable ideas our team borrowed from The First Grade Parade !
Then we made cloud books!
(This last pic is from an earlier lesson about the water cycle I wanted to share)
We also enjoyed some wintry poetry, creating penguins and cheering a classmate on at the annual "Pig Race"!
Fun times in the classroom for sure. All the more reason I love my job.
Pair that with the "Snow Day" we had Friday (although there was no snow, just tons of ice!) making this a 4 day weekend...pretty sure I'm loving my job right now hah! And coming soon...our 100th Day Celebration. I've been seeing some awesome ideas among bloggers :).
Well enjoy your evening teacher friends! And have a great week!

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