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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Scoop

Thanks to some awesome instagram friends I found a fun new linky to participate in hosted by Teachingtrio called the Sunday scoop

So here we go!
My grad school hw has been driving me nuts. But my last on campus meeting is this week so there is a bright side! I can't believe its already time for picture day! And I definitely can't believe I'm getting my first student teacher this year1 I can still vividly remember when I was a student teacher
I've really been wanting to make some new products lately but I've been so busy. Luckily my awesome teacher friends have been making great products, a lot of them as freebies, so I've been racking up.  Now if only I could rack up on some shopping! I've been to busy working and being responsible (also known as paying bills lol). Maybe after this busy week ahead..?
Nothing better than Sunday football games on tv and some delicious pizza! We usually have pizza Fridays around here but ended up switching our schedule around and it's made for a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon.
Back to homework!...   :/

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  1. I also need to make some TPT products. Time just slips through my fingers! Have a great week!
    Tech Crazy Teacher
    Teaching Trio