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Monday, September 1, 2014


Oh my goodness its September!! What the what?! Well I thought I'd link up with Farley  for her awesome "Currently" linky before it gets into the thousands haha! Such a fun concept and its cool to see so many teachers linking up. :)

Listening to the lovely cooking channel early this am. My boyfriend is such a foodie and this weekend he got some new spices. He's been talking about food constantly for the last 3 days at least!  (I asked him if he was pregnant hahaha)
Loving that today is Labor Day and that means no school! I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in til 8:30 this morning. And this cup of coffee just tastes sweeter than usual. :)
Thinking about this homework I'm dreading. I've been putting of this statistics for the whole weekend but it's time to knock it out so I can stop worrying about it!
Wanting to go shopping but I figure that can be my reward if I get all this homework done. That's fair right?
Needing a few groceries for the week especially since I pack my lunch daily. Just not a fan of cafeteria food. Got any lunch favorites to suggest? I'm picky but always open to ideas. Spaghettios get old after a while haha
3 Trips (1) Orlando - We just got a great deal from HH to book a trip to Orlando. We've been thinking about going for Fall Break. (2) I've always wanted to go to the Bahamas and now a colleague is getting married there next summer so I may be making the trip! (3) New York has been on my list since I was young and obsessed with musicals. I'd love to go and shop and see a good show. Gotta keep feeding the piggy bank!
Two posts in one weekend! Probably won't happen again lol now off to this homework so I can do some shopping later


  1. Girl, I am with you on the shopping part and sleeping late! :) I am planning on venturing out today, but sure do hate changing from my sweatshirt and shorts to do so!!! Enjoy your day off!

  2. I wish I could have slept in this morning. My son had to be at football by 6:30 am. Ugh! Good Luck with the homework. Stats. YUCK! Those were some of the most painful days of my masters degree. You definitely need to be rewarded with some shopping. Enjoy the rest of your day off.

  3. I'm happy I stopped by! I teach first grade too, and it looks like you have a lot of great ideas!
    Learnin' Books