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Monday, September 1, 2014


Oh my goodness its September!! What the what?! Well I thought I'd link up with Farley  for her awesome "Currently" linky before it gets into the thousands haha! Such a fun concept and its cool to see so many teachers linking up. :)

Listening to the lovely cooking channel early this am. My boyfriend is such a foodie and this weekend he got some new spices. He's been talking about food constantly for the last 3 days at least!  (I asked him if he was pregnant hahaha)
Loving that today is Labor Day and that means no school! I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in til 8:30 this morning. And this cup of coffee just tastes sweeter than usual. :)
Thinking about this homework I'm dreading. I've been putting of this statistics for the whole weekend but it's time to knock it out so I can stop worrying about it!
Wanting to go shopping but I figure that can be my reward if I get all this homework done. That's fair right?
Needing a few groceries for the week especially since I pack my lunch daily. Just not a fan of cafeteria food. Got any lunch favorites to suggest? I'm picky but always open to ideas. Spaghettios get old after a while haha
3 Trips (1) Orlando - We just got a great deal from HH to book a trip to Orlando. We've been thinking about going for Fall Break. (2) I've always wanted to go to the Bahamas and now a colleague is getting married there next summer so I may be making the trip! (3) New York has been on my list since I was young and obsessed with musicals. I'd love to go and shop and see a good show. Gotta keep feeding the piggy bank!
Two posts in one weekend! Probably won't happen again lol now off to this homework so I can do some shopping later