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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Well its Saturday and that means...Highs and Lows linky :)

School is in full swing now and man is it fun. My group this year is so entertaining and motivated to learn. It's really awesome. Of course it is also extremely busy. In the first few weeks we have already conquered our first fire drill (my kids were in related arts!), completed our MAP assessments for the beginning of the year, and our extended days have begun! Whewwwww! We have such interesting jobs!


But on to my favorite linky from A First for Everything
This week was pretty smooth overall. I was able to wear a lot of my cute new outfits and that always makes things better right?
My students are getting used to our procedures in the room and I can see a lot of learning and collaboration going.
They are also showing excellent behavior choices. We have been getting tons of compliments which means we've been earning a prize almost every week! This week we had mini cupcakes :)

I straightened my hair. On a whim really but I wanted to see how long it had grown.

Clearly not a salon straightening but I was able to see some length :) I thought I'd only keep it straight for a day or two but I actually wore all week. I plan on washing it later this morning and hope my curls pop right back up! fingers crossed
I had my first on campus grad class of the semester and I went in the wrong classroom....twice!
I sent my boyfriend this pic like "I've never seen a grad class so full!" Then a professor I previously had walked in! haha been there, done that, whoops. Turns out I was in  211, not 210. But when I went to 210, it was still the wrong room! The professor informed me the grad class was moved to 402. I FINALLY made it to 402 and settled in for a 4 hour class....
It wasn't unbearable but come on man 4 hours! After a school day?? Oh my goodness
But I survived! And I don't have class every Wednesday thank goodness! I usually go to yoga on Wednesdays and I needed it this week!
How was your week? Leave a  comment or link up and share. Have a fun, restful weekend!


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  1. Oh my word, that up was always my biggest fear - that I would be sitting in the wrong class. 4 hours! Wow! I don't think I could do it. I don't think I have the attention span. Good for you!