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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Highs and Lows

Another lovely Saturday! The last Saturday of semi- freedom. We started PD days yesterday and students report August 7th! Ahhh! I can't wait to meet my new little ones though. And get another year underway.

It's been a while since I joined in on a linky and I found a great one thanks to A First for Everything

Well Wednesday started off great when I woke up to find out I had sold my first product on TPT! I have tons of freebies but I just started uploading paid items a few months ago. I must admit I was getting a little discouraged, all my items were under $3 and I hadn't sold a thing! But getting that one little sale really motivated me. Makes me want to create more but with the school year swiftly approaching we'll see how that goes! Either way I was super excited!!
Also I'll be participating in the "Blast Off Back to School" sale! So if you didn't get a chance to stop by my store come visit on the 4th or 5th and get 20% off my store!

Another high that occurred this week was my babe and I rocking out at "Monumentour" which was a Paramore and Fall Out Boy concert. I loveeeeeee me some Paramore and my guy is a major fan of Fall Out Boy. We had a blast!
Then of course I had to drag him to IKEA lol needed a few things for the house and classroom. The other pics were from our hotel which was awesome! And I had chicken and waffles for the first time @ Gladys Knight's. Overall a great way to kick off my year.


Okay, one more! Lol I have a lot to be thankful for this week! My baldy (aka my dad) has OFFICIALLY retired from the Army after 29 years!! I am so proud of him and happy that he is home safe and sound!

Now here's the tough part... trying to think of a low...
Truly its tough to think of one. But if I had to pick, the only low that comes to mind is the sad end to my days of sitting on the couch watching Sex and the City reruns. And my freedom to take midday naps. But it makes that time all the more special when it rolls around every summer!
Hope you all are having a great weekend.
Don't forget to stop by my TPT store for the sale. I've got an ad on my page that will take you right to it!


  1. Congratulations to your Dad! What a wonderful accomplishment! I truly thank him for his service. Thanks so much for linking up!