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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tips to Tame Em - Week 2

Well I'm a day later than planned, but better late than never right? Linking back up with...


for week 2 of Tips to Tame Em. This week she's discussing how we demonstrate and explain our expectations during learning...


She has a great idea using a "Y - Chart". You should definitely head by her blog and check it out. I can see myself using it in my classroom next year. I love how it incorporates "feels like" because I don't usually address that are in my expectations. It's a great way to get the students thinking deeper about what to expect. Genius!

In my classroom I make sure to explicitly introduce and model expectations for guided reading. It takes a lot of ground work to get students working independently so guided reading time can be purposeful. The past two years I have used a set of anchor charts I found online on TeachersPayTeachers but they come from a blogger named Mrs. Jones :)


(sorry so small! look her up, its a freebie!)

One side says "student" and the other says "teacher". We discuss what we both will be doing during each center and fill in the poster whole group.  After looking at Kelli's post I see that these expectation charts or activities can be used throughout all subjects and learning areas. I may use her "Y-Charts" to discuss math center expectations. Either way, it's got my brain going and ready  to plan.

...but that will wait until tomorrow. Yoga kicked my butt! I am sleepyyyyy! 

Have a great night guys!

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