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Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made It!


Does it count if I didn't make it on Monday? I finally brought them into class today! Hopefully that counts for something! But I wanted to do a quick post about these anyways...

As many of you already know, cutting your composition notebooks in half can be a lifesaver! You can get them done at some Office Max/ Office Depot stores. Might even wanna try Staples. Last year I covered them with solid blue duck tape but went with a cuter pattern this year.

I use the smaller notebooks to record our math Problem of the Day. I will add labels (once I print them!) and student numbers once I assign them.
Also working on spray painting some library baskets (read as "the boyfriend is spray painting some library baskets" lol) but that is a larger, messier project. If we have any success I'll post about them soon or mention them when I show pics of my classroom. 
Happy Monday :)