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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Back to School Goals

Time is flying by. Its already mid- July! I'm getting nervous and  excited about the year to come. I was doing some reading and came upon the following..
"It can be difficult to feel prepared—in fact, can you ever really be ready for a class of students you may never have met?"
I thought, good point! And took a deep breath. I know everything will be fine. Those little ones will be even more nervous than I will be. And just like last year we will start to build an awesome classroom community of learning.
So as I was in the BTS mindset I thought, perfect time to join in on this fun linky provided by
and blog about my goals for the upcoming year.
Personal: I've been going to Yoga lately thanks to an awesome Groupon and I am loving it! I haven't even asked how much the subscription will be after my deal! Even if I don't continue going to the class I definitely wanna keep it up at home. Its really relaxing. I've just started meditating but I'm working on it.
Organization: I keep student data in my file cabinet with their other information but I would like to keep info in a binder as well. I've been looking at some cute items on TPT. :)
Planning: ...Self explanatory lol
Professional: I went to an NEA Conference last year in Atlanta and had a blast. I want to take advantage of more of those opportunities to learn and network.

Students: ... again pretty self explanatory. Excited to use the 10 steps of Independence from Daily 5 though!
Motto: I need to remind myself where my help comes from!
Oh and one more thing! Got around to making that Facebook Page. Check me out and show some love!

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