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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let's Talk About Books! -- my first linky :)

Hello there!

So I had no idea what to make my next post about until I came across KinderMolly's instagram and she mentioned a Linky party she was participating in. I wanted to join in but had the hardest time figuring out how to link back to the original page. She was so kind and explained it all to me. I said all that to say shoutout to KinderMolly! It's always challenging starting something new but she was so helpful! If you have not already checked out her blog please do!


Now on to this linky party!

Mrs. Jump wants to hear about our favorite children's book so here goes! I had a hard time picking so I just went with my favorite series which has to be Junie B. Jones! I just love that mischievous little girl and so do my students. I especially enjoyed reading them to my class this year, as they seemed to be even sillier than the average first graders. Every little incident had them cracking up.
I would have the hardest time picking a favorite but if I polled my last class I'm sure they'd pick..
They asked me to read the song lyrics so many times I have them memorized...
Jingle Bells, Batman Smells
P.S. So does May
I'd throw May right off the sleigh
And then I'd drive away, Hey!
Straight memory! hah I even smiled typing it because I can see all 16 snaggle tooth mouths singing it along with me on the carpet..*sigh* good times!
Have you already linked up to share your favorite books? If not, head on over by clicking the "We Love Books" button. Also keep checking back, tons of other teachers have shared some awesome books!
Later taters!



  1. My little girl loves Junie B. as well. I think she would have loved being in your first grade class!

    A Teacher Without A Class