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Monday, June 30, 2014

I wonder what's the opposite of a 'Manic Monday'... (& a Freebie!)

Because whatever it is...that's the Monday I'm having and loving it :). Other than the dentist, I've had absolutely nothing on my agenda today and its been nice. It's the first Monday that I don't have to work our summer reading camp so I have thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in and VIP couch potato status. Luckily, I can blog and create from the couch!

Speaking of blogging, I have finally joined bloglovin and now I could totally use some followers! I've added a widget over there to the right ------>. Please click it and follow my blog! I'd greatly appreciate it! Now on to this linky..

It's my first time posting a Monday Made it. I really need to get productive on making a few real items for my class but lately its the computer or nada. Today I decided to make a few different versions of a Teacher To Do list. There are plenty floating around online already but I thought I'd these might still be useful to others. Especially since mine has a front and back option.  Check em out..  

Click on either picture to be taken to the google doc and download this freebie!



Shoutout to:
- "Mad Clips Factory" for the Frames
- http://frompond.blogspot.com for the amazing Chevron Papers
- Digital Classroom Clipart for Clipart of crayons

Later Taters!

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