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Monday, June 30, 2014

I wonder what's the opposite of a 'Manic Monday'... (& a Freebie!)

Because whatever it is...that's the Monday I'm having and loving it :). Other than the dentist, I've had absolutely nothing on my agenda today and its been nice. It's the first Monday that I don't have to work our summer reading camp so I have thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in and VIP couch potato status. Luckily, I can blog and create from the couch!

Speaking of blogging, I have finally joined bloglovin and now I could totally use some followers! I've added a widget over there to the right ------>. Please click it and follow my blog! I'd greatly appreciate it! Now on to this linky..

It's my first time posting a Monday Made it. I really need to get productive on making a few real items for my class but lately its the computer or nada. Today I decided to make a few different versions of a Teacher To Do list. There are plenty floating around online already but I thought I'd these might still be useful to others. Especially since mine has a front and back option.  Check em out..  

Click on either picture to be taken to the google doc and download this freebie!



Shoutout to:
- "Mad Clips Factory" for the Frames
- http://frompond.blogspot.com for the amazing Chevron Papers
- Digital Classroom Clipart for Clipart of crayons

Later Taters!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tips to Tame em! and a new product :)

Hello out there in blog-land!
I found a linky to join in on! And after stuffing my face and finishing season 1 of Orange is the New Black I pulled out the laptop. That show is so addicting by the way. Never even thought I'd like it! lol but about this linky..
Kelli over at "Tales of a Teacher" is doing  a back to school link up on Tuesdays and this week's focus was Modeling Routines and Behaviors. The full schedule is below..
and the question of the week is
When it comes to showing my routine expectations to students I'm all about some modeling just like Kelli mentioned in her post. I truly believe that even if practice doesn't make perfect, it surely makes it better! I chose to make a little Top 3 list of the most vital procedures in Ms. McGaha's room.
1. How to enter the classroom
- I have a sign outside my door that says we start the day with a "hug, high five or handshake" every morning. It's a nice way to start things off and get a read on how my kiddos are feeling each day. They love to practice this one!
(Decided to come back and make an accompanying freebie! Click to download from my TPT store!)
2. How to raise their hand
- Sounds silly at first but we have different symbols in the room for different needs. For example we show 1 finger for a pencil, 2 fingers for tissue, 2 crossed fingers for restroom, 3 for water and a normal hand raise for help. I use posters that I downloaded for free from stickersandstamps.blogspot.com :)
3. How to come to the carpet
In first grade this is essential to classroom management. It seems trivial until you have 18 little people running and diving onto the carpet! We practice what it does and doesn't look like. They love demonstrating how NOT to come to the carpet lol.
Nothing too profound there but I wanted to share what's important around my way. Can't wait to participate again next Tuesday! :)
Now about my new product...
It's a math game for first or second graders. Students match the shades with equations to the sunscreen bottles with different SPF numbers. It comes with a recording sheet as well as a matching activity. It addresses 1.OA.6 and 2.OA.2
Click the image above to be taken to my TPT store. A preview is available before you buy!
Only $1.50! 11 pages of game pieces and 2 activities! :)
Have a great night!




Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Product in my store :)

Well today has been productive! I finished my set of "I Can" Statement cards for my TeachersPayTeachers store! Click below to be taken to the item in my store.
 I have only completed the first grade set but I'm debating doing other grades. If you would be interested please let me know. I am also considering making a full page version.
In other news, I've finished another week of our Summer Reading Rescue Camp. Can't believe we only have one week to go. It's been fun working with the little little ones lol. My group consists of incoming Kindergartners :).
And last but not least, lets throw in a cute picture of me and my hunny before dinner earlier this week :)
Well that's about it for now. Hopefully I can find another linky party to join in soon!
Later Taters

Random Post...

Hey yall
Don't mind me. Just uploading this image I made to use as a link back to my blog. One of these days I'm gonna get a super cute blog design and maybe even my own logo! lol till then this will have to do.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day fun and Summer Reading

Hello lovelies!

Hope you all had a great weekend and Father's Day. I had the best Father's Day in quite a while because my daddy came home from Alaska where he was stationed (for good!) and he's about to retire after 28 years. What a blessing!

I was also able to go with my parents to my grandparents house in Mississippi and see lots of family!
Please excuse my sweaty face. I was outside tossing little cousins in the air lol. It was so nice to see everybody and of course they were excited to see my Dad as well. Such good times!

On another note I finally finished Eat, Pray, Love and it was amazing! I would definitely recommend it to those of you looking for another summer read.
Speaking of summer reads I need some suggestions for some work -related reading. Do you bloggers have any suggestions from PD or your own reading that you'd like to recommend? I tend to re-read Teach Like a Champion every summer but I'd love to broaden my horizons :). Thanks in advance for the input!
Ms. McGaha

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let's Talk About Books! -- my first linky :)

Hello there!

So I had no idea what to make my next post about until I came across KinderMolly's instagram and she mentioned a Linky party she was participating in. I wanted to join in but had the hardest time figuring out how to link back to the original page. She was so kind and explained it all to me. I said all that to say shoutout to KinderMolly! It's always challenging starting something new but she was so helpful! If you have not already checked out her blog please do!


Now on to this linky party!

Mrs. Jump wants to hear about our favorite children's book so here goes! I had a hard time picking so I just went with my favorite series which has to be Junie B. Jones! I just love that mischievous little girl and so do my students. I especially enjoyed reading them to my class this year, as they seemed to be even sillier than the average first graders. Every little incident had them cracking up.
I would have the hardest time picking a favorite but if I polled my last class I'm sure they'd pick..
They asked me to read the song lyrics so many times I have them memorized...
Jingle Bells, Batman Smells
P.S. So does May
I'd throw May right off the sleigh
And then I'd drive away, Hey!
Straight memory! hah I even smiled typing it because I can see all 16 snaggle tooth mouths singing it along with me on the carpet..*sigh* good times!
Have you already linked up to share your favorite books? If not, head on over by clicking the "We Love Books" button. Also keep checking back, tons of other teachers have shared some awesome books!
Later taters!


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Starting out

Hello out there!

Trying out this blog thing. I have always wanted to but never could seem to find the time. Hopefully this summer will be different!

I am a First Grade teacher finishing my second year of teaching. I love teaching so far and absolutely love first grade. I have a TPT store with a few items in it and I also have an instagram account that I'll add below.

Please check back in with me. I plan to be sprucing this up a bit :)

TeacherPayTeachers: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Msmcgaha
Instagram: @firstgradelove